Frequently Asked Questions

Every so often I have a difficult case. Is there someone I can speak with to find out what would be best for my patient?

We have a very competent and experienced team of individuals working for the lab. These individuals are available to answer any questions you may have and to make recommendations for your patient. Please ensure that you have all patient specific information readily available when contacting the lab to enable us to be more effective in assisting you.

I do not currently prescribe orthotics but I believe I have patients that require them. Do you provide training on the assessment of patients and prescribing of orthotics?

We offer a number of courses and seminars spanning various topics during the course of a year, including patient assessment and orthotic prescription. Feel free to contact us and provide us with your details, we will notify you when the next course will be taking place and we will arrange for an Account Executive to talk with you in the interim and tell you more about what LEO Lab can do for you.

Which casting techniques is LEO Lab able to use?

We accept foam impressions, plaster casts and 3D scans. When we receive your order, we scan the foam or plaster casts. With the 3D images of the feet and the prescription form from the practitioner in hand, we use a powerful CAD/CAM software to make the necessary modifications required to address the patient’s needs. Should you be a user of our 3D scanning technology, you would scan a foot in 3 seconds, complete the digital prescription form and, with the click of a button, send the the 3D scans, photos of the feet and the prescription form to our lab, without incurring any lag times, delays or costs for shipping.

What is LEO Lab’s turnaround time on orthotics?

We require 5-7 business days to produce a pair of orthotics from the date the order is received. We are able to accommodate rush orders, however, an additional charge will be incurred.

Do you cover shipping?

To qualify for free inbound shipping, we require that a minimum of 3 orders be sent in the packaging. Shipping costs on orders leaving the lab are covered by us, irrespective of number of pairs.

Do you have a price list?

Yes, please free to contact us and we will arrange for an Account Executive to provide you with a catalogue and price list.

I am interested in a scanner for my clinic, how do I get more information?

We offer an extremely powerful truly 3D scanner to practitioners. The scanner is available under various programs. Contact us to arrange a demo of the scanner and to find out more about the programs on offer.