In the Lab

LEO Lab designs each pair of orthotics using an award winning CAD engine,
ensuring total accuracy and that each pair of orthotics is produced correctly the first time

LEO Lab has made significant investments in 3D laser scanning and CAD design software to provide practitioners and their patients with a top quality pair of custom orthotics. Having been built using technology designed for the Aerospace industry, the lab scanner used by LEO Lab captures a high level of detail through the use of a laser and multi camera configuration. This gives LEO Lab the flexibility to service all practitioners, irrespective of whether their preference is foam, plaster casts or 3D laser scanning. The precision of the CAD design software used in our lab ensures that first pairs are produced correctly and repeat pairs are produced consistently.

Beyond the scanning and design software, LEO Lab incorporates some of the most highly regarded Computer Numerically Controlled Machining in the industry in its production process to ensure that each pair of orthotics which has been designed for a specific patient is accurately produced.