It’s fast, accurate and portable, and can save you time and money.

Whilst LEO Lab’s state-of-the-art orthotic design technology enables it to work with foam and plaster casts without any issues, we are excited to be able to offer you, the practitioner, the latest in light-weight, 3D Laser Scanning Technology for your own clinic.

The iQube Mini weighs a mere 8kg, providing the flexibility for it to be moved within or even between clinics. The use of the iQube Mini reduces appointment time as it will capture a full colour 3D scan of a patient’s foot in 3 seconds, whilst maintaining an accuracy of 0.9mm. For ease of use, it can be activated through the click of a button on the software or by simply stepping on the foot pedal. The iQube Mini gives the practitioner the flexibility to conduct weight-bearing, semi weight-bearing or non-weight-bearing scans of a patient’s foot (LEO Lab has recommended foot positioning for optimum orthotic design).

Accompanying the iQube Mini is a powerful job management software which allows the practitioner to transfer the order to the laboratory electronically, including the aligned scans, photos of the feet and a digital prescription form. Once the order has been placed, the practitioner will be able to monitor the progress of the order in real time. With the information provided to the laboratory, we design and produce a truly custom pair of orthotics made specifically to meet the needs of your patient.

LEO Lab has introduced a number of programs to place this leading edge technology in the hands of practitioners in an economical manner. Contact us to find out more about the iQube Mini, our programs or to simply arrange a demonstration of the technology.

Facts & Figures about the iQube Mini
Accuracy +/-0.9mm
Speed 3 seconds
Weight 8kg
Size 540mm x 290mm x 80mm
(21.25” x 11.5” x 3.15”)