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Plantar Fasciitis

  • Inflammation and tightness in plantar fascia under the medial longitudinal arch of the foot
  • Generally shows itself as pain at the heel that is made worse with pressure, can sometimes lead to a tight feeling under the arch that is painful with every step.
  • It is common for pain to be most prevalent in the morning when first getting out of bed, as the sufferer walks around a little bit, the pain will subside. After being off one’s feet for an extended period of time the return to walking can elicit pain once again.
  • This can become chronic and last for months. It can also be quite painful with sufferers at time describing the feeling as “tearing”, or “stabbing”.
  • Solution

    More often than not poor biomechanics are at the root of this condition. It can also be attributed to an increase in activity level or change in activities. If the medial longitudinal arch is collapsing with loading this will put increased tension into the plantar fascia. If the fascia is under abnormal loading due to a new activity the area can become inflamed.

    A custom foot orthotic prescribed by a knowledgeable practitioner can correct any underlying biomechanical causes. If one was to treat the symptoms without getting to the root reason for the condition, the plantar fasciitis will have a tendency to return or not heal properly.
    A few exercises to help strengthen the muscles of the foot are as follows – please note the exercises are just guidelines and may not be for all people based on their health situation.

    • Standing with your feet flat on the floor about shoulder width apart, squat down towards a squatting position while trying to keep your heels flat on the floor (tightness can often be felt in the calf muscles), you can then raise up onto your tip toes, hold the low position and the raised position for about 5 seconds each*NO BOUNCING* do 10 times
    • In a seated position with bare feet, scrunch a towel under your foot using your toes to draw it towards your heels. This can be done a few times, the small muscles of the foot do tend to tire quickly.
    • in seated or laying position extend the knee fully. Using a towel or rope under the ball of the foot, pull the front of the foot towards your chest. It is common to feel tightness in the calf or even the bottom of the arch in the plantar fascia. Stretch and hold for about 5 seconds, relax and then repeat.
    • Custom Foot Orthotic Suggestions

      • Rigid functional style device with plastic based on patient activity level and weight (see chart)
      • Heel cushion for heel pain, heel hole for more extreme heel pain