Our Doctors

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  • Brandon Maggen VP Technical and Business Development

    Brandon Maggen

    Brandon is a South African qualified Podiatrist with over 22 years of clinical experience with special interests in clinical biomechanics, podo-paediatrics, diabetes and complex wounds. In 1999 he started Podiatry units in six hospitals including, three trauma rehabilitation, two psychiatric and a Leprosy unit while working for a Hospital Trust supporting the South African Government. […]

  • Arnie Lipsey Technical Manager

    Arnie Lipsey

    Arnie is an Honours graduate of the George Brown College Prosthetics and Orthotics program. He’s had experience in several clinical and technical settings, including Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital, and has acquired a high degree of expertise in orthotic fabrication, shoe modification and lab management. He’s worked collaboratively with many clinicians in the field, helping them […]

  • Darryl Cohen Consulting Chiropodist

    Darryl Cohen

    Darryl sits on the board of Leo Lab in a strategic consulting role. Darryl qualified as a Podiatrist in South Africa before moving to Canada where he is a registered Chiropodist and Clinic Director. Darryl has been in practice for 19 years. Darryl held a position on the Executive Committee of the Ontario Society of Chiropodists […]